Crochet Square Coasters – Free Pattern

Crochet Square Coasters – Free Pattern

Crochet Square Coasters - Free Pattern

Well hello again!  Spring is finally here and I am so pumped!  So many things are going on around our house this time of year and I love it.  We have made a few changes this winter to our home.

One big change was we peeled up the laminate counter top off of our kitchen island.  Initially we wanted to do wood counter tops, but the cost of finishing them was pretty steep.  So, we used MDF for the counters and attached the laminate, however, we had already used pine on the island.

We bought a roll of the laminate in the summer and used contact cement to attach it to the counter surfaces. Unfortunately, we weren’t really thinking about the end result with the pine island. When winter came, we started up the wood stoves and of course, the pine shrank rapidly.  The end result was a peeled up counter surface which was an expensive oops.  I have now scraped off all of the contact cement and used a Varathane to seal up the wood.

I love the way it looks now, and I definitely don’t want to mess it up or scuff it.  Hot drinks can leave a clouded ring on treated wood surfaces too.  Coasters seemed like the best solution to keeping the island shiny and free of marks.

I hope that you enjoy this super easy coaster free pattern.  It is very basic and simple to do.  I like the idea of mixing up the colours for a set of coasters.  This allows me to use up many odds and ends of yarn I have kicking around.

The coasters will curl up in opposite corners for a little while but will eventually flatten as you use them.

** As always, please feel free to use these patterns as much as you like, but please always refer back to this post to share the pattern so that we can continue to post them for free!**


Crochet Square Coasters - Free Pattern



  • Size I/9-5.50MM hook
  • BERNAT Cotton yarn
  • Scissors
  • Embroidery needle



  • ch – chain
  • st – stitch
  • sc – single crochet

Crochet Square Coasters - Free Pattern



Row 1: ch 15.

Row 2:  Sc into the second st from your hook.  Sc in each st for the row.  You should have  total of 14 sts at the end.  Ch 1, turn.

Row 3 – 15: Sc into each st for the row.  You will have a total of 14 sts.  Ch 1, turn.

At the end of row 15, tie off your work and using the embroidery needle, weave in all loose ends.


Crochet Square Coasters - Free Pattern


That’s all there is to it, it was really that easy.  Make as many or as few as you like.  These will make for great gifts for friends and family.  It adds just a little bit of home comfort to any place.  Let me know how this turned out for you.  I love to hear feedback and know what you’re thinking.  Happy crocheting everyone!

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