Crochet Seed Stitch – Chunky Hat Free Patter...

Crochet Seed Stitch – Chunky Hat Free Pattern

Crochet Chunky Hat Seed Stitch Free Pattern

Crochet Seed Stitch – Chunky Hat Free Pattern

So for a family vacation this year we went to one of the coldest places on earth!  Edmonton, Alberta.  We decided that we would spend the holidays with our family in western Canada.  It was a great time, however, it was FREEZING cold!  I was not prepared for the weather at all, but I did bring myself some yarn and all of my crochet hooks, so I made myself a thick and warm hat.  This hat maybe took me 30 minutes to finish, but of course I started it and took it apart at least 6 times before I got the pattern right. The crochet seed stitch pattern is beautiful, and in cold weather, this hat is perfect.  Besides, can you ever have too many hats?  I guess you could, but that is when you can donate the extras, right?


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Crochet Chunky Hat Seed Stitch Free Pattern


  • Size L Hook
  • Chunky yarn – I used BERNAT Chunky (Super bulky #6 – Net Weight 14 oz) yarn.
  • scissors
  • stitch marker



  • st = stitch
  • slst = slip stitch
  • sc = single crochet
  • dc = double crochet
  • ch = chain

Special Notes

  • The seed stitch is made up of sc to dc back to back for the entire row.  In this pattern, you will repeat a sc to a dc for each row.
  • Your tension should be consistent for this pattern but does not have to be tight or loose.  whatever you are comfortable with is fine.



Row 1: Begin with a magic circle.  Dc to sc for 8 stitches.  Note:  The circle will look uneven, but this is correct.  Pull the loose end of the magic circle to close your circle.  Slst into the first st to complete the row. Ch 2.

crochet seed stitch

Row 2:  *Dc then sc into each st.* Repeat * instructions for the entire row for a total of 16 stitches.  Slst into the first st to complete the row.  Ch 2.


Row 3: Dc and sc into the first st.  Dc into the second st.  Continue this for the round putting 2 stitches in every other st for a total of 24 stitches.  Slst to join then ch 2.


Row 4: *Dc and sc into the first st.  Work 1 st into the next 2 stitches.  On the 4th st, work 2 stitches in that stitch.* Repeat * instructions for the entire round.  Slst to join, ch 2.

crochet seed stitch

Row 5: *Dc and sc into the first st.  Work 1 st into the next 4 stitches. On the 6th st, work in 2 stitches.*  (*ncrease every 5th st).  Repeat * instructions for the round.  Slst to join, ch 2. ****NOTE:  Increments of 5 do not work out evenly on this row.  After your last ‘set of 5’, there will be 2 stitches ‘left over’ at the end of the row.  Do not increase in these 2 stitches.  Simply work 1 stitch into each st and finish the row.

crochet seed stitch

Row 6: *DC and sc into the firs st. Work one st in the next 4st.  On the 6th st, work 2 stitches. * (Increase every 5th st)  Repeat * Instructions for round.  Slst to complete the row, then ch 2.  ****NOTE: Increments of 5 also do not work for this row, however, you will add in the double stitch.  After you have completed your last set of 5, there will be 3 stitches until the end of the row.  Work in 2 stitches into the next st like you are beginning a new set of 5.

You are now finished increasing. If this hat is too large for your head, simply increase less in row 6.  If it is too small, add another row, increasing every 7 st then continue with the instructions below.  At this point, place a stitch marker on the first st of row 7 (or first st of the row you stop increasing on).  This will help you keep track of the rows as your go forward in the pattern.  This saved me a couple of times.  It is sometimes hard to count your rows with this stitch if you loose track.

crochet seed stitch

**Row 7:  Dc into the first st.  Sc into the next.  Repeat this for round working 1 st into each st. slst to join.  ch 1.

Row 8: Sc into the first st.  Dc into the next st.  Repeat this for the row, working 1 st into each st.  Slst to join, ch 2. **


Row 9-16: Repeat ** instructions (Row 7-8).


Row 17-19: This is the beginning row for the brim of the hat.  Sc into the front loop of the first st.  Sc into the front loop of each st for the entire round.  Slst to join, ch 1.

crochet seed stitch

At the end of the last row, slst to complete the round then ch 1 and fasten off your end.  Work in all loose ends of yarn.  You are now finished!

crochet seed stitch

I personally like to accessorize hats!  You can put anything on them to add a little character.  Buttons, bows, a label.  For this hat, I put on a flower and gave it away to a friend back home.  I hope that you enjoyed this pattern.  If you have any questions or challenges with this pattern let me know, I would love to help you make this awesome hat!

crochet seed stitch

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  1. Sarah Elliott

    8 April

    I LOVE THIS HAT! It’s very warm and comfy, and having the flower on the side makes it look really pretty! I didn’t get to wear it much but that’s what next winter’s for. I can’t wait…..

    • Stephanie

      3 May

      Thanks Sarah! I love that you love it! <3

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