Crochet Baby Blanket Free Pattern

Crochet Baby Blanket Free Pattern

Crochet Baby Blanket Free Pattern

Crochet Baby Blanket Free Pattern

Hello!  Thank you for coming to our site!  This crochet baby blanket was a lot of fun to make! It took no time at all and is a great pattern for beginners. We hope you enjoy this crochet baby blanket free pattern!

**Please feel free to use these patterns as much as you like, but please always refer back to this post to share the pattern so that we can continue to post them for free!


  • Size G Hook
  • 1 Ball of each colour.  I used BERNAT PREMIUM yarn for the blanket pictured.
  • Embroidery Needle
  • Scissors



  • ch = chain
  • hdc = half double crochet


For this blanket, you will make 30 squares, stitch them together and then make a border!


Row 1: Begin by chaining 22 then working in a hdc in the 2nd ch from the hook.  Hdc in next 19 ch for a total of 20 stitches. Ch 2, turn.

Row (2-15): Work 1 hdc in each stitch for a total of 20.  Ch 2, turn.

***At row 15, if your tension has been consistent, you should have a perfectly square… well, square.  You can check by taking opposite corners and folding the square into a triangle.  If the triangle is perfect and one edge is not shorter than the other, then your square is perfect.

Once you are finished row 15 you can finish off the end.  TIP: Work your loose end into the square now so that you won’t be fighting with loose string later!

Do this 30 times (or as many times as you would like).  More squares means bigger blanket!



Once you have all of your squares, lay them out how you want to stitch them.  Watch the direction of your pattern since each square’s pattern is a horizontal line.  You may want them to all stay horizontal or you can mix it up and turn them sideways for a vertical contrast.

Using your embroidery needle, stitch your squares together.  I used the lightest yarn to join them so that it would not be as noticeable, but it’s your call.  Because you will not be able to stitch the whole blanket with one long strand of yarn, be sure to work in all loose ends of yarn as you go.



Starting at the top left corner, join your yarn to the blanket with a slip stitch.  Chain 2 and work a hdc into the first stitch of the finished blanket.

TOP: Hdc in each stitch across the top for a total of 100 stitches. Ch 1, turn the corner to the right side of the blanket.

SIDE:**NOTE: This side will be trickier to work into since you will be working into the ends of the rows instead of the tops of the stitches. Just remember that each row = 1 hdc for the border.  

Work 1 hdc into the end of each row along the side for a total of 120 hdc.  Ch 1, turn.

Repeat ‘Top’ directions for the bottom and ‘Side’ directions for the left side.

Once you have completed going around the blanket, join your work with a slip stitch.

You are finished!!!!!!!!!!!!  You can choose to make your border bigger if you would like.  Simply ch 1 and hdc into each stitch.  At each corner, ch 1 and turn.  Repeat this as many times as you like.  The number of stitches per side will increase with each pass.


I hope you enjoyed this crochet baby blanket free pattern!  Let me know how this turned out for you, I’d love to hear your tips too!  Happy crocheting all!

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